Monday, May 30, 2011

Strawberries and Parties...

A few of my favorite pictures from last Sunday...

Two babies had to go to church with us - both named "Ella Kate Roses". Everything has been named Ella Kate Roses lately - from flies to cicadas to dolls and everything in-between.Strawberries were at their peak (but sadly we didn't get any in our CSA box last week due to wet weather), so she wore her strawberry dress last Sunday.
We've really enjoyed the berries in our box. Wash and eat, can't be easier than that. At one point this weekend when Brent was looking for something in the fridge he might have said it is possible to have too much produce. We've been eating a lot of greens this week!
This isn't a great pic, but she is loving her little heels right now. And she doesn't have any problems walking (or running or jumping or climbing.....) in them.
Our favorite one. The strawberries have been a BIG hit!

That Sunday night we went over to Adam and Julia's for Life Group. We took the jumpy and Lilli and Luke had a great time playing around in it. They also had a great time picking on little brother Owen in some sort of strange kissing game. I have no clue why YouTube isn't letting me enbed video tonight.
We've had a great Memorial Day weekend, had lots of fun and got lots of projects accomplished around the house. And since Lilli was being extra stubborn and wouldn't eat her dinner (after not eating breakfast or lunch either) and got sent to bed extra early we all had a little more free time tonight! The Food Police are in full force these days as we have no intentions of raising a chicken tender and french fry for our child. She's either going to get a lot of extra sleep and lose some weight or learn to listen and try new things. I guess tonight she chose sleep!

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