Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was going through last week's pictures and really noticed how much things have changed around here the last week.

Last Monday night we got the little flower garden we built planted. This was before the top coat of sand for the new patio and the edge pieces cut. I think I'm also going to add some blooming flowers in there for more color.And I took another side view of the alley where Mom and I planted the hostas.
And then the storms with all the hail came on Monday night. This is the same side of the house right above the hostas now. While the paint certainly wasn't perfect before, all the hail ripped a TON of paint off this entire side of the house.
Now there are lots of completely exposed wood sections. Ugh. We didn't even notice it last week, even though some neighborhood friends had talked about it knocking the paint off their house. I noticed it over the weekend when I was checking on my hostas.
I thought some of them looked just awful and wondered if they were getting too much sun, then I noticed all the paint chips which extend the length of that side of the house. The hostas are fine, several of them were just ripped to shreds by all the hail we got. I was already planning to have the insurance company come and just check the roof, now I guess we have something else for them to look at.
The cicadas outside Lilli's daycare. Awful. I am so over these things. Our cherry tree in the back looks just like this.
Little Miss has been helping me "plant" flowers. And by that I mean dumping entire packets of seeds in one singular spot.
Her current obsession is putting on the previous night's pajamas as soon as she gets home. So on this evening Dora the Explorer PJs helped me garden. My garden is doing really well! I already have a couple of green tomatoes and some small peppers, and the blackberries are nearly ready too.

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