Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Batman Bakes

Someone is having a GREAT time with Pippin's "hat".We really don't keep his cone on him much. His greatest wish is to be with you all the time, so where-ever we are, he is, so we can usually watch and make sure he doesn't lick at his incision. He hasn't tried to at all, and it would be kind of awkward for him to. When we're going to work he's in his crate with the cone on, but other than that we really haven't made him wear it. We let him sleep in our room at night because he just can't get comfy to sleep with it on. We had storms again last night so at one point he was in our room snoring and Lilli was in our bed kicking us both and Brent and I both wanted Calgon or maybe even Southwest to take us away.

This is Teacher Appreciation week, and Lilli's school is having stuff each day for the teachers. Tomorrow is "sweets for the sweet" so we made cookies tonight. She's all about Batman even though she's never seen it or has any Batman toys. So tonight after dinner she wanted to wear her Batman PJs while we baked. Anytime she jumps she says she jumps high like Batman, and a lot of times she'll say certain people look like Batman.
Getting in trouble for sampling is common. Man, she can make a mess in the kitchen.
Another sign Pippin is feeling better? Being all up in our business while we cook. The surgeon called today to check on him and said the results should be back either tomorrow or Thursday. We really, really hope they are not malignant.

He's back to his normal routine of going to bed right when Lilli does. The bruising/razor rash is looking a lot better tonight. His appetite is back to regular amounts and he really doesn't seem to be in pain or groaning as much. Last night he jumped off the side of the front porch and Brent about passed out about it but he was fine. He's a hard one to keep rested!
Hopefully tomorrow night we'll have some positive test results to share!!

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