Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Happy Mommy Day"

We really didn't get very many good pictures on Mother's Day. I guess someone wasn't feeling particularly photogenic and she's pretty much stubborn nearly 100% of the time these days. She just couldn't say Happy Mother's Day - she'd always translate it to "Happy Mommy Day!" which was so funny!

I did get to pick where I wanted to eat lunch so we ate up at Blue Coast in Hendersonville. We can all put away a burrito!It was a nice day so we ate outside on their patio and Lilli enjoyed sitting in a "big" chair. Of course it's also impossible for her to sit still so once she did manage to slide out the side, get stuck, and cause a scene. All in a meal's work.
She can eat pretty much a whole burrito by herself. It just takes FOREVER since she is so distracted by everything around her! All meals out take forever by the time she finally eats something!
While Pippin is living high on life right now and generally happy to do anything you ask little sis wasn't feeling it and was ready for naptime! Such a shame since I had us nicely coordinated in corals!

The best one we got of us together on Mother's Day - she's happy because she was whacking the Perry's flowers with her toy.
Now this kiddo is always happy to have his picture made!

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