Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Bakings

For Easter we also baked some cookies to leave out for the "Easter Bunny". Here's some video of Lilli talking about who we were making cookies for. I was pretty surprised when she came back with Santa, we haven't talked about him in quite a while!

I still had a big stack of summer clothes in her floor that I was going through then trying to decide what would fit and what wouldn't and she pulled out this little pink dress Grandma Carden had made for her and just had to wear it. She really does like to wear dresses, but it's a bit much for a messy baking project.
Her decorated tray of cookies...
Of course we had to sample one and make sure they were ok for the Easter bunny!
Afterwards she wanted to play outside so we played with her Easter eggs some more and then she wanted to play across the street at the playground. She seemed fine and we had a good time playing, but as we walked back she threw up all over me. The little bug she had was really a tough one to kick. But then after that she seemed fine again and ate a good dinner!

Before bedtime we lined up all her Easter bunnies and brought in a plate of carrots and cookies for the Easter bunny.
I figure in this old house the Easter Bunny comes down the chimney like Santa does...

This was when I really started worrying about Pippin. Normally when we do stuff like this we don't even have to stage a pic of him trying to get into the goodies left out. He wouldn't even touch the carrot or cookies. It was Easter Sunday when he really, really started not acting like himself. Kind of crazy to look back and see him like this knowing what we know now!
All the Easter bunnies/lambs got good night hugs and then it was off to sleep for Lilli!

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