Friday, May 13, 2011

Farm Fresh in Cicada-ville, Again

Blogger was down yesterday and oh-so-nicely deleted everyone's last post. So not only could I not catch up on the blog last night (when I had more time since we eat out on Fri nights so I don't have any meal prep after Lilli goes to bed on Thurs) but they deleted my previous post! Thanks so much! But thanks to Sarah for having it in her GoogleReader account and I could just copy, paste and repost it!!!

We got our very first CSA box today full of fresh, local veggies!We are using Avalon Acres. They're delivering straight to our office, to someone who organized the group, so once it arrives I can pop up to her office anytime and pick it up. This week we got Romaine Lettuce, Strawberries, Kohlrabi, Bok Choy, Kale, Green Onions, Broccoli as well as a whole Chicken and half dozen eggs. Tonight we used part of the Romaine lettuce to make a Caesar salad (my fave) and ate some of the strawberries which are seriously THE best strawberries I've ever eaten. I've already looked up a few recipes to incorporate some of the things we've never had before so this should be a lot of fun and a good challenge each week to finish everything up! Green onions were really the only thing I didn't want, we grow those ourselves in my garden.
Lilli is really into bugs right now, and that pretty much grosses me out. Cicadas are everywhere as Middle TN is under some sort of infestation with them. Brent has dug up a ton of them in the landscaping project, so Lilli has seen quite a few living ones and now she's enthralled with the shells left behind. I gave her an old flower packet and she went around the yard collecting a lot of shells.
They're all over the deck, fences, around the house, trees, bushes, and especially on the front porch. This afternoon when we got home they were SO loud up in the trees.
I'm not sure how many she ended up getting before it started getting dark and time for bathtime. Of course she started throwing a fit when we wouldn't let her in the house with them, so I told her she could pick one and bring him inside. She carefully picked her favorite, and then we ended up putting him in a ziploc baggie because she kept knocking body parts off.
He watched her brush her teeth, go potty, and even take a bath. She said his name is Taylor, and I am pretty much almost certain she has named him after her buddy Taylor from church that she has a mega-crush on. And when it was time for bed - "Taylor" came right along, in his ziploc baggie.

It's gonna be a LONG cicada invasion!

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