Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chicago: Day 3, Part 3 Millennium Park and Dinner!

From Grant Park we kept walking just a few more blocks towards Millennium Park, the home of the famous "Bean". This part of the park was built after our last trip to Chicago, so this was a new one for us!It's this odd, reflective bean that becomes a major photo opp for all tourists. People pose in all kind of crazy positions and have their picture made! Here's the 3 of us!
And here's our reflection again:
Me and Lilli making faces in it. The thing is COVERED in fingerprints. Kind of gross, really!
It's funny how many people are standing under it and looking up.
Lilli really did not want to pause and have her picture made in the Bean. Why? Pigeons. Pigeons abounded to be chased.
And she will chase them anywhere. This one went under the bench, guess who followed right behind?
Yay for pigeons!!! I have no idea what she'd do if she caught one.
Look at those arms and legs! She is running after those birds as fast as she can....
She was NOT happy when we took her away from the pigeons to this little water area. But we held her in the little "creek" and let her splash around, which made things a little better!The water felt great on our tired feet!
Splashing around...

By this point we weren't too far from our hotel so we ended up just walking back to it instead of figuring out which bus would get us closest. We rested in the room for an hour or so before we had to catch another bus and meet some friends for dinner. We grabbed the bus around 5:30, RIGHT in the middle of rush hour, UGH! It was insanely packed - not even standing room, really. Brent was wedged in the door and Lilli and I stood. After a couple of stops a lady gave us her seat, which was nice.
Our friends Josh and Sarah live near the Lincoln Park Zoo and this is the view from their apartment. Brent was in love!
We ordered some takeout and walked across the street to the gardens at the zoo for a picnic. We ordered Indian food for us and a grilled cheese for Lilli. Generally she eats what we eat,but I wasn't sure if she'd like the spiciness of Indian, and I knew she'd eat a grilled cheese!
And once Lilli was done she could run around the park, so that was nice. She'd spent so much time cooped up in strollers, trains and buses, and lost so much nap and sleep time this ended up being a great option versus trying a restaurant where she might have been angry about being tied up in a highchair while we chatted. She was more than happy to tag along with Josh when he was getting rid of our trash.
We went back to their place for just a minute or two since it was nearly 8 and Lilli can tend to turn into a pumpkin at that time! She was really warming up to them and wanted to give LOTS of hugs bye-bye!
Over and over and over she'd go back and forth between the two of them!
A group shot of the five of us. We had such a great time with them, and it was probably my favorite meal of the trip - just really good food and nothing touristy about it! I'm so glad we were able to visit them while we were in Chicago.
We caught the bus back to Michigan avenue and then had about a half mile walk back to our hotel. On the walk back Lilli fell asleep, and stayed asleep in the room once we got back. This worked out great so we were able to repack our luggage and get everything organized for the following day's trip back.
Brent snuck out and took a few night shots from our hotel, so pretty!!
I think this was our "latest" night in Chicago but I'm pretty sure we were all in bed by 10 pm! I think the ventilation in our room was awful - the fan was ALWAYS running and by this point in the trip I was sleeping horribly because I just couldn't breathe and Lilli had picked up a horrible cough at night. Thankfully it cleared up in about two days after we got home.

Probably just one or two more vacation posts and then lots to catch up from everything going on now that we're home!

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