Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Bunny Fail

The day before Easter we went to an Easter party/egg hunt at a Methodist church in our neighborhood. They host a lot of children's events and are usually pretty fun to go to. Lilli had felt good on Friday and seemed to be over her bug, so we headed over Saturday morning. It started out good enough - she was interested enough in the Easter Bunny to give him a high five And was even smiling when I put her in his lap....
And then the unsureness starts to settle in....
And we're done.
She was pretty much like that the whole time we were there. They had a small jumpy that isn't suitable for larger kids, yet they let the larger kids dominate it and once she got in she got all freaked out and I had to drag her out of it. The bigger ones were jumping so big she couldn't stand up and she pretty much flipped out.
She did like the little slide, and it was such a small little thing none of the other kids were really interested in it.
They finally had some races and parades for the older kids, so all the toddlers got in the jumpy and were able to have a few fun minutes before bigger kids once again chased them out.
We did a little craft where you make bunny ears.
We got a cake pop.
And then it was time to Egg Hunt and she wouldn't have anything to do with it. Wouldn't touch an egg to save her life and she'd been so temperamental and fussy/whiny the whole time we were there we just left and went home. Not long after we got home she got sick to her stomach, and then was sick again later in the day. She just couldn't quite knock that bug out of her system, which I guess is why she was so clingy at the Easter festival.
I bet next year she will be ready to go and hunt some eggs!

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