Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A few weeks ago we hosted a sandwich party for LifeGroup. Right after that Lilli got sick, and then Pippin got really sick, so I never had a chance to post pictures from it. I don't even remember how I ended up signing up to host a Kraft House Party, but I ended up getting picked for hosting a party for their new Carving Board meats and Big Slice Cheeses. They send you some freebies for your guests and also coupons for free products to pick up your meat and cheese. Sandwiches really aren't my favorite thing to serve guests, but all the fun freebies made it pretty interesting. I looked up several more "gourmet" sandwich recipes and also got a panini maker to make it a little nicer, and Brent helped me frame some sandwich suggestions.The weather then was so back and forth, but fortunately that Sunday was really nice and we were able to set the deck up for the party. I love my big party deck!
Lilli and Luke were enjoying some chicken nuggies, with Pippin as an active audience. It's so weird seeing him be well - or at least seemingly well. This was just a few days before we noticed him really starting to act odd.
And then he just springs into action and takes the nuggie right out of her hand.
Shocked and dismayed at Pippin's behavior!
Haven bonding with one of Lilli's babies.
Fixing sandwiches in the kitchen. You just think you have a big kitchen until it's cram full of people!
Brent, Dexter and Justin.
Lauren and Kate. She was so sweet and brought sorbet (since it's lactose free) that both Brent and Lilli could enjoy (and anyone else lactose intolerant).
The waffle cones were the big hit....Luke entertained the crowds with his!
Lilli and Suzanne.
Chad and Bethany.
The best thing about having the party out on the deck was minimal cleanup and toy destruction!! It was a great night and we had a lot of fun hosting a big group at our house.

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