Sunday, May 29, 2011

Presents and Pictures

Last weekend Brent and Lilli surprised me with a few presents, including some roses delivered to my office! It's always pretty humorous to see what she wants to pick out for you - she wanted me to have this yellow bird with wings that go around when the wind blows. Classy!And this ceramic swinging frog! So decorative!
Brent was a little more upscale and got me a very nice professional double Belgium waffle maker, like the ones in a lot of hotels we've stayed in. The first one didn't work right, so he took it back and we all enjoyed some great waffles on Saturday morning!
Last Saturday we also had our pictures taken for the new church directory by Olan Mills. Awful! Lilli was scared to death of the guy and he did a horrible job posing us all. It was a pretty terrible experience all around. We didn't buy any extra pictures, for sure!
I think the ones we took of her just playing around as we waited our turn were much better than the professional ones.
So glad tomorrow is a holiday for a nice long weekend! We've already hit the pool up for the first time this summer and Lilli had a blast. Ribs are currently marinading in the fridge for a great Memorial Day feast tomorrow!

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