Monday, May 9, 2011

Great News!

We finally got some good news back about our boy! The docs called this morning with the results from the biopsies on the tumors removed during his surgery. Pippin had smooth muscle cancer. One tumor was benign. The other tumor was a bit more complicated. It was malignant, but this particular type of malignancy starts with the tumor and spreads out from it. Leiomyosarcomas is probably not a word I will ever be able to say or spell on my own. Dr Au said he removed more than just the tumor on this one, and the lab tested the outer edges of what he had removed and there was no cancer there, so he considers the cancer gone since it had not spread outside what was removed. Very good news! From what we've read on the internet, if completely removed then the recovery rate is good. The article linked above makes it sound like he will lead a completely normal and long life from here on out. Dr Au suggested periodic ultrasounds just to keep an eye on everything, so I guess that's something we'll talk about with the regular vets and probably him when we go in next Monday to have his stitches removed.
He really seems to be totally back to himself. Wild and crazy, chasing Lilli earlier tonight, licking everyone every chance he gets. He just seems so much happier, I guess because he is feeling really good! His appetite is back to normal and he took the last of his pills this morning. Seven pills a day, all at different times, was wearing on me. So we are cautiously optimistic that Pippin has beaten this thing and will be around with us for years to come. We are feeling very thankful tonight for our little guy and the massive team of doctors who have helped him!
We did see a neighbor we've been worrying about tonight. He walks his dog in the morning and night and it's been a while since we've seen them. Tonight he was out walking by himself so we asked him where Yoshi was, and learned he had passed away from some masses in his body. Yoshi was 14 years old and it sounded like it had really spread and there really weren't any options. We're so sad for Jim - he's a retired, divorced former school guidance counselor and he and Yoshi were just the best of friends. It's been a month and you could tell he was still just so lonely without his buddy. And a girl I work with also just found out that her pug has malignant cancer in his throat, it's already spread and there's nothing they can do. She had taken him in because he chipped a tooth and in the procedure to fix the tooth they noticed the mass in the back of her dog's throat. She's married but they do not have children, and he's just 6 years old so they are torn up. I just hate to hear these things from our friends.
We took Lilli out for a bike ride tonight. She loves to ride. We went down to Shelby Park, checked out the geese, all the Little League teams, and even took a swing break before heading back home (past the fire station of course)!

We finished off the evening out on our great deck while Pippin curled up in my lap and Lilli played with her trucks. Can't ask for a better Monday than this one!

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