Saturday, August 22, 2009


Friday was Lilli's last day in the Infant I class at her daycare. It seems like we dropped her off for her first day of school just the other day! We're very excited for her to move up to the "Creepers and Crawlers", but it's still very sad and just another sign our little girl is growing up! We made sure to take her teachers - Ms Sammie, Ms Violet, and Ms Rachel some gifts on Friday and a note to let them know how much we appreciate them. (Her other teacher - Ms Dameah is on bedrest - she's expecting a baby who wanted to show up about 14 wks early, so for the past 2 weeks she's had subs for the other afternoon teacher.)

Here's her note from Thursday (from Miss Rachel): "She was very talkative! =) Loves to say Ma Ma. We will miss her when she moves up!"

And her note from Friday (from Ms Sammie): "We will miss Lilli's smiley face in our class but will be sure to say hello every day! We had a going away party for Lilli today - sat in a circle and told old stories. We laughed and smiled a LOT. Had a great day plus a fire drill!"

Awww! When I picked her up Friday afternoon she was playing in the floor with their little buckets of toys and it just felt SO sad! Miss Shanice told me all about their fire drill (and how in the world you manage to get them all out at once!), and how much they would miss Lilli! I can just see them having circle time and telling Lilli stories - HA! I probably don't even want to know what some of those stories might be! When I was putting her in her carrier Maevy (the little girl with all the hair) reached out for her and Lilli reached back - they held hands for a minute before I untangled the two of them. Lilli is going to miss her little pig-tailed friend! Hopefully Maevy will move up before long and they can be reunited.

When I left I noticed Lilli's name had already been moved from her door up to her new class, and her mailbox had already been replaced by some kid named Henry who must be taking her old spot on Monday. I'm pretty sure at least a couple of times next week I'll keep trucking right past her room!

Here's Lilli with Ms Rachel last week. Ms Rachel is so sweet and just loves to play and sing with the babies! I would love for her to move up to the next class with Lilli!

Here's Lilli with Ms Sammie on Friday. These are so cute! I haven't been around Ms Sammie as much since she's the morning teacher. Lilli always gets lots of love from Ms Sammie every morning!

These will definitely go in Lilli's scrapbook (that is if I ever make one!) I know I have a picture of her with Ms Violet (an old one) but I don't have a clue where it is. She comes in after Brent drops her off and is usually gone before I pick her up.

I'm sure Lilli will love her new teachers just as much! Miss Jamie has been itching for Lilli to move up for several months now, and it looks like there's lot of fun toys in her next room, too. They even have one of those little inflatable tubs with all the balls in it. I can see her loving that, and she'll start computer training in her new classroom which CRACKS ME UP! I can just see her checking her email or whatever you do at 7 months on the computer, but I'm sure it will really help her development.

She's been working on her crawling tonight, and WOW is she close! She scoots back pretty easily, and she even got forward some tonight, too. We took some video but she's in nothing but her diaper so it looks a little ghetto. At our 6-month appt her pedi prescribed a special steriod oil we have to put on her head once a week for an hour which should hopefully help clear up her awful cradle cap. Ever tried having something on a baby's head for an hour? Yeah, not easy! But we do always strip her down to just her diaper for that time (so it doesn't get on her clothes). I'm going to call her doc this week, the oil has helped but it's still pretty bad and I think if we put it on twice a week that might be better. As the week goes on it starts looking worse and worse, and is really flaky by Saturday. We've tried every OTC thing for it, and this is the first prescrip we've used and it does work better but I've got to believe there's something that could really kick it out there.

That's all for tonight, gotta press Lilli's dress for tomorrow. As if it will actually stay wrinkle free for more than 10 minutes! We're also taking an Infant CPR class at her daycare tomorrow afternoon. Since we're supposed to start giving her table foods (like Cheerios and Puffs) I want to make sure I know what to do if she should choke. The class is only $10 and they're offering childcare! And we'll also get to meet the parents of some of Lilli's little classmates, so it should be fun.

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