Sunday, August 9, 2009

And just gets better

So I definitely did not have food poisoning. And how do I know?

Guess who's sick now.

Yup, Brent.

What a great weekend! The best!

Last night I was SO beat after pretty much doing nothing - I seriously fell asleep with the laptop in my lap, in the middle of a game of Farkle. Brent was washing dishes, and I had just finished helping fold some laundry and I decided to play on the computer for a few minutes. I wish he had taken a picture of me passed out, sitting up, head down & asleep with Lappy. Somehow I had even managed to click on something where I almost bought more Farkle chips, which I would've never done awake!

So, due to how beat even the simplest of activities had been for me, we decided it would be in my best rest-em-up interest to skip church in the am.

Little did we know.

Lilli fussed a lot during the night, which I mostly don't remember because I was out. She was up for good at 7, and both Brent and I had massive headaches. We'd only been up a few minutes when he said the same words I'd said Friday night: "I think I'd feel so much better if I threw up."

Oh boy.

I was feeling better enough to keep her entertained, and he wasn't actually sick yet. When she fell asleep for a nap around 9:45 I decided to run to the grocery store for some essentials (aka diapers and formula and milk, oh my!). When I got back around 11, Lilli was fussing in her crib and Brent was in the chair with a washcloth on his head. Which means he'd been sick. I'd bet a LOT of money that the first thing Brent's mom did when he was sick was a)take his temperture and b)put a washcloth on him. {I was pretty much passing out in the floor Saturday am and Brent was trying to force a thermometer on me. I was pretty sure at that point that I was sick and no readings in mercury were really going to make me feel better or do much for me.}

So the day just got better from there!!!

I got the cold stuff in the fridge, fed the baby and made sure Brent was going to be as ok as could be. "Fortunately" he's just been throwing up, and his has been somewhat different than mine - where I was clockwork every 20 mins his has been much more spread out throughout the day. He still hasn't been able to keep much down until tonight, and just chicken broth at that. And Lilli has been INSANELY fussy all day. She only took a 20 min afternoon nap, and she hasn't wanted to play with anything more than 5 seconds all day. And forget about me being able to put her down, at all. Because really, why wouldn't I want 16 pounds of flailing arms, legs and head beating on my tired, weak body all day today??? She was so fussy today that we ended up getting about 6 thermometers out and verifying readings against each other. (Wonder whose idea that was?)

We really, really hope it doesn't come back around to Lilli. If we have had what she had Wednesday, we've certainly had it MUCH worse, which is fine - I'd far rather us have this awfulness than her. But I guess we'll know for sure in the next 24 hours! I got sick about 48 hours after Lilli, and Brent got sick about 36 hours after me.

And today was Pippin's 6th birthday! Guess who didn't get a cake today? The good thing is he's a dog and has no idea, so I'll just have to make it one night this week and we'll pretend it's August 9th all over again. Because this is REALLY a day I'd like a re-do on!

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