Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Different World

It's a very different experience when I pick Lilli up from her new class every afternoon. They're just getting up from their afternoon nap and there are kiddos crawling everywhere. (There's usually 4-5 there in the afternoon.) This afternoon when I walked in Lilli was over by the ball pit, she had pulled herself up and was trying to figure out how to get in. When she saw me, her usual excited flapping hand gestures just didn't go with her current activity and she head-planted onto the floor! Ouch!!! A little bit of loving for a minute or two and she was just fine, but I imagine she falls on her head a lot these days because she is pulling up on everything, but just doesn't have the balance to know what to do. We're going to drop her mattress down this weekend because it's only a matter of time before she pulls up in her crib.

I always bring Lilli's carseat into her room with me every afternoon (car seat "parking" is in the nearby little auditorium). There's a lot to do at pick up: a)pick up Lilli, as she'll cry if you don't immediately grab her upon being discovered, b) sign her out, c)get her daily report card, d)check her mailbox for any parent letters or artwork and e) get her empty and extra bottles. It's a lot to do, and of course I always talk to her teachers about her day and what they did. And I also always bring my camera in with me, in case there's any cuteness going on. In this new class, Lilli's car seat has become a magnet for crawlers. Yesterday I was pretty sure Cleo was going to ride out on top of Lilli. She had gotten all in her carseat, played with her chimes and even grabbed my camera and made off with it. Today, she brought a friend: Alex. They both played with her toys and were pretty much in the car seat with Lilli. I just had to snap a pic of Lilli's groupies. They just love each other! These 7-12 month-ers are so funny and random! I'll have to look on the wall and see how old Alex is, I'm guessing 9-10 months. Both Lilli and Cleo are so small for their age he just looks huge!

I love how sneaky Cleo looks peeking above the car seat!Right after I took this one, Cleo reached in and grabbed Lilli's pacifier! It's ok, I saw Lilli take Madden's a few weeks ago. What goes around comes around....

Have a great weekend!

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