Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun with the Grandparents!

Lilli (and her chauffers - us) have had a busy day today!! First we had church this morning, which means up fairly early (but still an extra hour and a half sleep than a regular day, even though we go to early service!) Even with the extra step of oatmeal breakfast for Lilli we managed to make it on time! Insanity!

Does this look like the face of someone ready to tear it up at church?

How about this? It's always nice when we have a few extra minutes to snap her pic before church, considering I spend about 20 mins every Saturday night starching whatever dress she's going to wear the following day. The wrinkle-freeness lasts about....5 minutes since she spends the whole service climbing on and around us.Lilli will karate chop you if you try to make her be quiet in church! Her Sunday school teachers were glad to see her, since she's the only kid in her class (on a regular basis). I bet they were really bored last week when we were home sick! And they certainly notice when she's not there! She had a great time in class, and once again was the only kiddo so she had lots of personal attention.

Once we got home we fed her lunch (peaches) and she already had a bottle in Sunday School so we loaded up for Hohenwald. Brent's grandmother fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago so she's staying with Brent's parents while she recovers. Since babies under 2 aren't advised to visit hospitals Lilli hadn't been able to send her any personal Get Well wishes yet!
She told her it's ok, she falls ALL the time and she knows how much it hurts!

She showed her Great-Grandaddy how much she likes to STAND. ALL THE TIME! Forget about sitting, that's so 2 weeks ago. Lilli wants to stand at all times, except she's not great at it so you really get a biceps workout keeping her up on her toes ALL THE TIME. Have I mentioned she must be standing at all times??
Of course Grandma and Grandpa Spears (Brent's parents) wanted some Lilli photog action, too!

Of course she had to stand!

Carolyn probably won't like this one but I think it's really cute! Oh the things we do to get cute smiley pics....(which usually involves twirling and dancing!)
Lilli's Grandma broke out Cousin Grant's old rocking horse. She loved it! Of course she can't sit on it unassisted, but she had a great time playing with it.

"Mommy! This is so fun! Is there room for it in the car?" "No.....because we have to make room for a possum trap and another great hand-me-down.....""Oh really? What could it be?"

She loves the little car! I've been trying to find one used at consignment and have had no luck - stuff like that goes FAST and usually at the pre-sell. It cracks us up how she just sits there holding the wheel, sometimes with one hand and sometimes two. By the time we got back tonight and had some dinner it was almost dark, but we had to take her and Pippin up and down our block for a stroll. They were just hilarious together! Thank you Grandma and Cousins Grant and Madison for all your hand-me-downs!!!

Every urban baby needs her own low-emission vehicle! Brent is trying to find a way for Pippin to pull her....Stay tuned tomorrow for our Family Fun Night for the week (which hopefully won't get postponed due to rain chances) and for whatever exciting conclusion happens in the Great Possum Caper of 2009. We'll either catch a possum tonight or a Pippin in the morning!

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