Monday, August 17, 2009

Take Me Out....

Guess where we went tonight for this week's Family Fun Night?

A Sounds game!

Brent and I don't like sports, really at all, and baseball is probably our least favorite of all sports, BUT it makes for a great and cheap family night out! It's been at least 4-5 years since we've been to a Sounds game, but what I did remember about them is that they're very low key and pretty much no one is there, so I thought it would be a lot of fun for us! I had scoped out the season a while back, and there were just a couple of 6 pm home games, and on this particular day it was Dollar Dog night so hot dogs were just a $1! (Versus the regular $3 which is just nuts.) General admission seats - where you could sit anywhere in the bleachers - are only $6 in advance, $8 at the door, so you're really not out a lot of $$$ if you need to leave early for baby bedtimes. And of course Lilli was free!
We got home, fed Lilli & Pippin, played around a little, and were ready to go around 5:45. GPS told us to use 4th avenue to get to Greer. I would have gone Wedgewood personally, but either way the stadium is really close to us - so close we hear their fireworks when they do them after some games. But we ran into a snafoo today - a stinking train!! The thing lasted for SIXTEEN minutes! We sat for a little over ten before it just stopped, so we tried a few ways to get around it but never could. It was torture because we could see the ballpark lights!

We finally got there, parked, and got our tickets. It really is sad how unsupported the Sounds are, but it does make for an easy night out! We got our dogs and picked some seats in the bleachers. The bleachers had tons of empty space, so we easily spread all our food and stuff out before digging into our dogs. It was nice to have plenty of room and not feel like we were on top of people with our stuff and baby!

I had a hard time picking an outfit for Lilli since we don't do any sports stuff. I decided to go with the "All American" look and found a baseball cap in her closet I had bought at an Old Navy clearance ages ago. I had it up on her shelf for next year because it's a 12-18 mo hat, but her big noggin fits a 12 mo perfectly!

She had a great time at the game, she never puffed up or cried once! And she didn't even seem scared of the Sounds mascot when we had her picture made with him. She sat and watched the other kids playing around us and just enjoyed the perfect evening. There was a huge storm cloud that moved around us and brought a great breeze, and totally missed the stadium as far as rain goes.

Go Sounds!!
It was a fun night and something I would def recommend to other families! We left around 10 til 8 so we could get home for her bath and bedtime. With the game starting at 6 they were already in the 6th inning, and the Sounds are pretty awful so they were losing badly. But, it was great, affordable fun and something I think we will do again sometime, esp on $1 Dog Night!

Now to figure out something fun for next week's Family Fun Night!!!!

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