Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Goes Around

If I ever, ever suggest a non-Blue Coast Burrito again someone just hit me in the face, ok??

The last 24 hours have been some of the most MISERABLE ever for me! Yesterday for lunch I needed to walk down to the Main Library and pick up a book, and I decided to treat myself to some lunch out since I literally haven't bought any lunch from either the cafe upstairs or out (except for birthday lunches for coworkers.) in the 3.5 months I've been back to work. Every morning I pass Cocina Mexican Grill on 5th/Union and I always forget about it, so I decided to give it a whirl. It was good - at the time. A little after I got home my stomach was just not feeling well, but we went ahead and picked up my race packet for today's 5K and then some dinner. All night I just felt like if I could throw up I'd feel SO much better. Well, that wish was granted. Multiple times. All night long. Around 8:30, right after Lilli went to bed, I got sick. And then every 20 minutes from then until around 3 in the morning I would get sick - both ends, at the same time. Poor Brent- he was right there with me the whole time. I would be freezing and then buring up, and I couldn't even keep water down. I have never, ever felt so bad. Around 2 I was going to try some more water, and the walk to the kitchen made me insanely light headed - by the time I got to the toilet and yelled for help I was passing out. Brent said I was out for 15-20 seconds and had a really hard time coming out of it - I just remember being insanely hot and sweaty and just completely unable to focus. I was also having leg cramps from being so dehydrated (something I routinely have from running + not hydrating enough during the summer). Finally a little after 3 I started feeling better and was up for the last time at 4. Thankfully Lilli slept perfectly last night so Brent could be there for me, and she slept until a little after 7:30 which was wonderful.

Needless to say I didn't race today.

And needless to say our action packed weekend of Tomato Festival-ing with friends and a wedding for Brent's old college roommate tonight didn't happen. And Lilli has been so precious in her perfect little Tomato Dress today, but when we walked down a little after 4 we didn't even see anyone we know (because all our friends go around lunch, the most popular time). It was so insanely hot out there we only stayed for about 30 0r 45 minutes and I was beat and needed another nap.

So far I'm still on a primarily liquid diet - pretty much the same foods they gave me in the hospital right after Lilli was born due to my C-section: Gatorade, Water, Sprite, Chicken Broth, Applesauce and Popsicles. I tried a biscuit this morning but that did NOT go well. I've lost 4 pounds since yesterday which totally impresses Brent.

Poor Brent has been on Lilli duty all day. She's been pretty good for the most part and been a bit sleepier than usual herself which has helped a lot to give us some naps to help with all the sleep we didn't get last night. I am feeling better and may venture into my get well food - chicken fried rice - here in a few minutes. Hopefully that will stay down!

So the best laid plans, right??

Pics from Thursday:

Grandma and the Grandkids:

Cody loves his little cousin!
Lilli liked rubbing Cody's hair:
Cousins enjoying cookies

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