Saturday, August 15, 2009

Naps are for Sissies

I was sorting through pics and realized I never posted these from Lilli's "Sick Day" a week ago. She had gotten sleepy so I put her down in her crib for a nap. She always puts herself to sleep at night, and she'll do that some at naps, depending on what level of tired she is. I left her room and grabbed some bills to pay, and was sitting in the living room and heard her still stirring around. I leaned back on the couch to peek into her room - and she had scooted down the crib and was propped up watching me.

Zoomed out - if you click on it you can see her propped up looking my direction.
Zoomed in - very pleased to see me! When she saw me looking at her I got lots of big smiles...little monkey!I ignored her and went back to my chores. A few minutes later I realized I didn't hear her stirring anymore, so I went in to check on her. She literally tuckered out, right there!
I think it's hilarious how she just fell down onto her little hands, like she just couldn't stay awake any longer!She very, very rarely sleeps on her stomach. We always put her down on her back or side (she really prefers being a side sleeper), so it's really unusual for her to be happily asleep like this!

Later that day she also fell asleep in her stroller. We had walked down to the organic grocery store to get some fruits/veggies to make more baby food. It was HOT and she fell asleep on the walk back (it's about 1.4 miles round trip.) This hat used to swallow her up and now it's so snug!

We've had a great weekend so far - and it def tops last weekend's stomach virus pandemic for our household! Last night we went out for Vietnamese food and we got some really cute pics of Lilli. She was entertaining the whole restaurant and being a little social butterfly! Today we did lots of things around the house, and she was in a great mood all day - she even slept in until 8:30 instead of her usual 7/7:30). It was SO nice to sleep in until then!! She only took two naps today, one 1.5hr nap in the morning and one 1 hr nap in the afternoon. It's crazy how much she's awake now!

We also introduced her to breakfast today. She had oatmeal this morning, which now brings her up to eating 3 "meals" a day in addition to her 5 bottles. Some days it feels like we are constantly feeding her! She is packing away the solids, and will get really angry if you're not feeding her fast enough. Tonight she absolutely melted when she finished her jar of apples and peach medley before I could quickly grab a thing of homemade pears from the fridge! Green beans are def still her least favorite food, while squash, pears, and apples are her faves.

Have a great night!

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