Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FFN: Centennial Park

This week for our family fun night (FFN) we went to Centennial Park for a picnic, stroll, and to feed the ducks. Originally for this week I had wanted to do one last weeknight at the pool, but with the crazy cool August temps I decided a picnic would be better! Since Monday was forecasted to be a perfect day, Brent grabbed some Subway sandwiches on his way home and once we fed Lilli we headed for the park. (One thing I have learned about FFN is that it must include some sort of dinner - by the time we feed Lilli and cook something for ourselves it's usually at least 6:30, and to be home for bed/bath by 8:00ish for Lilli means a VERY short FFN!)

The park was full of people exercising and enjoying the nice night, but we were still able to find a secret hideaway overlooking the lake to enjoy our dinner. Lilli played with some toys while we ate.

We took a family photog (but she was way too interested in her toys to smile!)

And I even took one of Brent and Lilli! It seems there's tons of me and her, but not so many cute ones of Brent and Lilli!

And Brent got a cute one of us working on her standing/steps:

After we ate we took some old bread over to the geese and ducks. They were all fighting over the bread, and Lilli just sat in her stroller watching, with her feet stuck straight out the whole time!

Then we went for a stroll around the lake and I stopped to get a photog of Brent and Lilli in front of the Parthenon. I guess I sort of forgot to get the Parthenon in the photo! Oops!!!

We had a great FFN at the park! We love going to the park, but we've mostly been going to Shelby Park lately - I think this was the last time we've been to Centennial! I've already got an idea for next week, and I'm sure there will be more picnics before it gets too chilly (and dark) to be outdoors. I've been trying to think of some fun ones for this winter, maybe we can do some weeknight playdates or even start testing out places like Chuckee Cheese. I'm sure she'd enjoy the puppets and I bet Brent would enjoy the photo booth, as he has at many a friend's birthday parties!!

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