Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Call

This afternoon around 2:30 I got "The Call". You know it's not a good sign when the daycare's phone number pops up on your cell phone caller ID. The director was on the phone letting me know Lilli had thrown up. Lilli pretty much never throws up (in the 3 months she's been there now she's only come home in her extra clothes twice, and that was because she peed on her clothes during a diaper change) so at first I thought maybe it was just a rare bottle gone down wrong. But, Ms Cynthia explained that it had occurred about an hour and a half after her bottle, and that I needed to come get her. By the time I got over there around 3 she had had another small throw-up and she just looked so tired and puny. Poor baby!!!

She fell asleep in her car seat on the way home, and slept in it another half an hour or so after we got home (unheard of for my little active girl!). I called her pediatrician and left a message and right around that time she woke up and had another small throw up on both of us. Poor thing! She looked so under the weather and was just squealing. I got us both changed, grabbed a blankie and once we sat down in the rocking chair she started to calm down. Then Pippin walked in the room and his magical healing powers made her all better. Seriously. She started perking up, watching him roll, scratch and play, and she started cooing and laughing at him. About that time her nurse called, and the whole time I was talked to her Lilli was trying to get my phone, laughing at me, talking, pulling my hair, etc. The nurse and I were both encouraged at how quickly her "spark" was coming back and we talked about how/when I should feed her tonight. She was still tired, so she fell asleep for about an hour and a half, and when she woke up I could tell she felt a lot better. She was also hungry, but I was supposed to only give her water and make sure that stayed down for an hour before moving on to her solids. She wasn't tricked by the water into thinking she was really getting something filling, so I went ahead with applesauce (which her nurse and I had decided was her most bland of foods since she's not up to toast/chicken broth yet.) She ate almost two containers of applesauce, she was so starved!!! The rest of the night she was great - we played and played, and she was her usual pleasant self. After her bath she was really tired, so we gave her half a bottle (as I had been instructed) and she went right to sleep. So far so good! I'm hoping this was just a little odd bug, or something just a little off in her tummy. Either way, she can't go to school tomorrow - she has to be puke free for 24 hours before she can return. She hasn't had a fever at all, but I guess I understand their policy as I wouldn't want some random kid I don't know throwing up and then coming back 15 seconds later.

So, I guess this is another first for the baby book - although the kind I could have held off on!

(On a side note, today's pics are actually from last weekend. She amuses herself for a while after she wakes up from naps & on Saturday afternoon she had scooted down and found her sleep sack (for nighttime) and decided it was yumm-o!)

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  1. Glad to hear she is feeling better! Give her a big kiss from me!!