Monday, August 31, 2009

A Fever, but not for more Cowbell

After one of Lilli's late afternoon naps yesterday she just felt warm. We've probably taken her temperature at least a thousand times over the last 7 months (she's fussy! she must be sick!) but never actually gotten a temperature out of it. Sometimes she's been so fussy we've gotten all the thermometers out, absolutely convinced one of them would tell us something was medically wrong with our precious, but, nope, they've all just said "you have a fussy baby, deal!" Well, bulls eye on Sunday night.
I had literally just picked up a new pacifier thermometer on Sunday afternoon, so I first had Brent clean that one and it came back with 102.9. Huh??? I expected it to give me the old ha!ha! lady you just have a fussy baby, but not this time. Clearly not believing it, I had Brent get all the thermometers, and since this one seemed serious we did the good ole rectal temp - 101.9. And you know you can't argue with that one. She was lethargic and whiny, and just looked pitiful. We called the pedi on duty and he gave us the lowdown on Tylenol, dosage, etc. It was a looong night. She woke up pretty much every hour, so it was pretty easy to stick with the every 4 hours Tylenol plan.
I had a doc appt at lunch today for my 6-month baby followup, plus Mondays are pretty busy for me at work, so Brent stayed home with her. She slept a lot and fussed a lot. She can only stand playing for about a half an hour every few hours, but she'll give it a go and then just get whiny and want to be rocked. So the glider our moms got us has gotten much, much usage over the last 24. Today her temp has usually been right around in the 101 range, so she's got another day off school tomorrow (with me this time). Brent talked to her nurse today, and there's a fever virus going around (along with about everything else in the world...) where pretty much your only issue is a fever. She doesn't have a runny nose (until she screams her head off for a while), cough, or anything else going on with her. She hasn't been eating quite as much, and hasn't kept to much of a schedule with it, but that's to be expected when you feel under the weather. If she still has a fever Wednesday then we have to take her into the doc. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll sleep great tonight and wake up tomorrow good as new!

August has just not been her month! First the stomach bug, and now this! I certainly feel lucky that up until this month she's only had a slight cold (back in May), but I am ready for some healthier days. I can't wait until she gets her flu shot at her 9-month appt! I think from now on we may plan to be 5 minutes late for church and avoid the opening "shake everyone's hand" segment. Why 5,000 people want to shake my baby-who-could-care-less's hand is beyond me, but I am over this germ sharing mess!

(On a side note, none of these pictures are of her sick. They're just a)I hate crawling! It makes me angry! b)Don't you dare try to feed me a puff! Those are not to be eaten! Now give me back one of Pippin's toys or the cord to the blinds and c)Babies blink in pictures, too.)

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