Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swimming in the East

For this week's "Family Fun Night" I wanted to do some swimming. The pools will be cutting their hours soon, and most of them close after Labor Day (which is crazy considering how warm Sept is!), so we need to make the most of these last few weeks!

I wanted to try the East Nashville Y, we normally go to downtown but their pool is more adult oriented and I wanted to go to one of the more family oriented pools. I've had "trouble" with some things at the East Y in the past, but was willing to give it a try since it's been 2 years and the neighborhood is continually changing. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! I had been (lap) swimming there before, but couldn't totally remember how to get to the pool, and the guy at the front desk actually walked us down! They have two pools, including a slide, walk in entry, big mushroom water thingie, and even a couple of lap lanes.

Naturally, Lilli had fallen asleep in her car seat - she always does that when we're going somewhere fun for an activity! We let her sleep for a little while and just enjoyed watching all the other kids playing, and literally right when I got her up to go play everyone had to get out of the pool for some chemicals or something. Figures! Once that was finally over we walked in - I loved that I could walk in with her, versus having to climb down a ladder to get into the pool at Downtown. She was scared to death of the mushroom and cried even just being near it - I guess it was just too loud. We watched kids swimming and splashing, and then I took her to the shallow part to sit and splash but she would only stay if she was in my lap, she didn't want to sit in the water on her own (kind of crazy since she loves baths).

She is really having a growth spurt right now. There have been several things she's worn this week that have definitely been for the last time, and her little sleep sack is suddenly pretty short, too! I ordered a new one of them from a baby deal site, and it came earlier this week. It is HUGE so it should last a while! I was really sad this morning when Brent told me her little "I Roll with Jesus" onesie was in serious snap-stretch mode! I think next time we go to the pool she'll need to wear her next size up swimsuit, too! Crazy growing baby! It's always sad to box up the clothes but I always have STACKS of new ones ready to take their place!
We are looking forward to a weekend of hopefully being well, and actually getting to go to some of our activities!! It's not going to take much to beat last week's flu pan-demic in our house!

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