Saturday, August 29, 2009

Play Ball!

The rest of the week went by really quickly here in East Nash.

Lilli continues to work on her crawling. She still goes backwards though, which makes her very angry and frustrated. I've been sending her to school in mostly sunsuits and onesie/shorts combos all summer, but her little knees have been SO carpet-burned all week that I bought her some new cotton pants last night at Target. A lot of her 3-6 cotton ones are a little short & jeans can be tough to crawl in so I loaded up on some additional 6-9 months.

One thing she learned last week was that it's ok to just take things away from people. So she now likes to take things away from Pippin that he is currently chewing on. Oddly enough he has a filter that tells him the difference between what's his and what's hers. Pretty crazy considering many of her toys are basically dog toys with a rattle instead of a squeaker. Lilli, on the other hand, has zero filters on anything. I barely caught her before she had a rawhide in her mouth one day this week. Luckily, Pippin is a very sweet spirit and when she takes his toys he licks her in the face. Seriously. I guess at this point he considers any attention good attention!

Brent cracks me up by sending me random pics to my work email about once a day. Sometimes they're of what she was doing at daycare that morning, or in the car, or sometimes something funny from earlier in the week. Friday afternoon he sent me this one with the subject line "Scary scene I walked in on yesterday afternoon". Ha! One of her favorite things to do right now is to "hook me". I'm not sure where it came from, but she loves to "tackle" me and of course Pippin was showing us how much we were missed during the day!

We're soaking up as much "cruise" time as we can before the daylight totally escapes us. People loooove Lilli in her little car. Since we live in such a happening neighborhood and have wonderful sidewalks it's easy to walk her past all the restaurants/coffee shops, etc infused within the neighborhood. People LOVE to wave at her, roll down their windows, smile, and so on. I've even had a Harley biker guy (on his way to bike night at a neighborhood Baptist church) slow down, stop, and tell me how cute she is. I like to think we're bringing some smiles to the East side! (Hopefully she will not drive with her feet in 15 years when she starts driving for real!)

One of Brent's old roommates recently sent us a gift card for Lilli. It's great fun to get gifts now and buy toys instead of other newborn necessities. I picked out this basketball goal for Lilli. I thought it would be good hand-eye coordination and it's not enormous so that's a plus, too!

She likes to pull down on the basket and other spinning/tugging things it has, but it really takes both hands for her to hold the ball right now so she doesn't really shoot. She'd prefer to chew on the ball instead! I think this one will be a good one to grow with and have a long life. The goal has various adjustable heights for when she can stand unassisted, etc.
But she does put other things through the hoop - like her books! Ha!

Here she is at Mexican tonight. She was great (as always). She stayed in her buggy while we ate and then sat in my lap while Brent cleaned the table off. She can entertain herself for days just banging on the table and trying to reach everything.

And here she is at the coffee shop with me tonight. I had my haircut this afternoon and also did some grocery shopping and was really wanting some iced coffee. I was going to walk with Lilli and get some once I got home, but Brent was getting hungry for dinner when I got back so we walked to one of the neighborhood coffee shops after dinner and split some iced coffee. I love being able to walk our errands! We can walk to the grocery, loads of coffee shops/bakeries/restaurants, the bank, post office, library and so much more! Love it!!!

It's hard to believe there's only one day left in the weekend!

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