Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things That Make Me Laugh

This afternoon when I picked up Lilli they were having Music Time in the circle. Ms Rachel had 4 of them - Lilli, Madden, Aaron and Griffin and they were taking turns playing the xylophone. Hilarious!! They were all captivated and each one "dedicated" a song out to one of the kids not playing. I had just missed Lilli's turn, as Madden had just started his. He dedicated his creation to Allie, who was getting a bottle from Ms Sammie. While I was still gathering up Lilli's stuff Aaron started his turn and sent his song out to Maevy, who was tearing things up in the Exersaucer. Lilli was having so much fun with their game that (for once!) she didn't mind me gathering up all her stuff before I gathered her up. She was having such a great time that when I took away the pink Little Mermaid book she was playing with she started crying!! I promised her it would be there tomorrow, and she could play with all her friends again. She must've been quite a turkey today, her report card said something about "Lilli was very silly today and really enjoyed the puppets." Apparently she gets into high-pitch giggle squeal mode when they have puppet shows. It's really not unusual for her report card to say she was silly that day, there's a plethora of activities they have that crack her up. I know when Lilli moves up she will miss all the fun she has with her current teachers, but I bet she'll love all the bigger kid activities, too!

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