Monday, August 3, 2009


Last night some friends from Sunday school invited us and another couple over for dinner. Adam and Julia are quite brave to have invited the 6 of us over, with Lilli being 6 months old and Rachel being 4 months old. But we're always up for an adventure and Lilli is as relatively behaved a dinner companion as a 6-month old can be, so we loaded up the SUV with toys and the Exersaucer and invaded their quiet and (currently) child free home. A place free of blocks and dolls and rattles and giant plastic play toys! Nothing pink for miles??!!?? Unheard of!!!!

Julia made a delicious dinner for us and then us ladies (all 5 of us) played in the living room while the guys did whatever it is they do....At the end of the night we decided to torture the sleepy babes with some camera time. Poor Lilli was beat!!! She'd been up since around 3 and was getting sooo sleepy. She seems to be trying to drop her evening nap (she's been napping from around 6:45-7:15/7:30), which can lead to her being a bit more tired and slightly shorter in temper. Tonight she also skipped her nap, she last napped from about 3:15 until she woke up when she heard my voice in her classroom at 4. She really wasn't terribly cranky tonight, she didn't get fussy until around 10 til 8, and we usually start getting her ready for bed about 8:15.

In this first one she's just absolutely conked!

Much better! This one is pretty cute, Lilli looks like the comforting big sis! She and Rachel have both grown quite a bit since their last photo opp.

In this one Lilli is putting her jujitsu hold on Rachel.....

Working on her waving....

Just the ladies....Julia practicing in case they ever have twins! Ha!!

If we ever get our dining room put back together we'll have to host the gang soon!!!

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