Monday, May 4, 2009

First Day of School

Here are some pics from Lilli's first day of school!

Here she is at drop off, playing with one of her teachers:
And here she is at noon when Brent picked her up - passed out in the floor with an unidentified blankie! LOL! Too cute!!! And how about the kid in the swing with all that hair!!!!And then she and Brent went to Home Depot for some good father-daughter bonding in the lumber aisle. What girl could ask for more?My first day back went just fine. It helps that Brent drops her off in the morning, that would've been tough. My cubicle was decorated with streamers, giant stuffed animal samples, signs and Randy Travis posters (long story - but the qty of weird samples we get does make work fun!). And of course there were cupcakes to make sure I can't fit into any of my clothes for a few more days! Mostly today I went through about 800 emails, figured out how to get my PC connected back up to all my networks thanks to a million expired passwords, and got visited by everyone in the world who all wanted to know if I was having a hard day (not really but thanks for asking and telling me it will get harder! huh????). All in all a big day for ALL of us as Pippin has a bit of an upset stomach, poor thing!

And now time for us to take our coffee outside and sit on the porch swing and relax! And MAN, am I sleepy - getting up at 5 am is a LOT earlier than our usual 7:30 am!

Have a great night!

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