Monday, August 10, 2009

Vomit Free in TN!

Our household has now been vomit free for almost 24 hours now!!! Woo hoo!!! If we can get through another 24-48 hours I'll feel like maybe we're all going to be ok. I'm just REALLY hoping Lilli doesn't catch the severe version Brent and I both had.

Brent stayed home today to get more rest, so I went in late and dropped Lilli off this morning. And by late I mean I still got up at the same 4:55 am, got myself & Lilli ready, and was at work by 7:15 am. So I guess late is relative!!! Ahhh....I fondly remember the lazy days of staying at home and rolling out of bed at 7:30 when Lilli woke up!!!

It was the first time I've ever dropped her off, so it was fun to see the quieter side of school when the classrooms are still mostly empty and all the toys are straight! Brent picked her up this afternoon, which is always fun for him to see the other kids, especially since I usually report on what all was going on, who's growing the fastest, the new kids, etc. Lilli is now the oldest kid in her class, as her spit mentor Jada (a Dec baby) moved up to the next class a few weeks ago. So our little girl is the old maid! She's about 6 weeks older than the other kids, so none of the rest of them can sit and play with her yet, but it probably won't be long before Maevy and Madden can sit. Ironically, since Jada moved up about 2-3 weeks ago Lilli has completely quit doing the whole spitting thing, which we're a-ok with. It's crazy how much they can influence each other at such a young age. And hopefully bad-influence Jada will have moved on to a new trick by the time Lilli rejoins her and her other friends wonder-baby Cleo and first-boyfriend Tristan who have already moved up!

Brent got this pic of Lilli and Madden this afternoon. He's probably about 6 weeks younger, and started school about a month after Lilli. He used to be fussing ALL the time and constantly spit up on himself, but now he's gotten to be a pleasant little guy! He and Lilli play together quite a bit, and he's replaced Tristan as her new boyfriend. This afternoon she was apparently eating an elephant and he was making some calls. He is one bald little boy!

Here's one I took a couple of weeks ago. She was also sitting in the floor playing with Madden, trying to get his cool skull and cross bones paci. I never get very good pics because as soon as she spies me she wants me to pick her up and starts fussing! Maevy's hand got in my pic, she was in the Exersaucer and wanted some attention. She's the kiddo with all the hair and I just love her! One day her parents are going to have to come over for a playdate so we can find out where she got all that hair from, it turns out she might be a neighbor. This morning the am teachers were talking about how her dad had mentioned the tomato festival, so it turns out they could be fellow East Nashvillians! Aaron is in the swing here, he pretty much eats and sleeps and that's all. And sometimes they pretty much have to wake him up to eat, so I can't say I've gotten to know Aaron very well!

Here's to keeping up our vomit free trend!

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