Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mobile Napping

Man, where in the world did this weekend go??? We were on the go pretty much all the time and poor Lilli had to do all her napping in the car! She only takes about a 10 min nap at church now, and today she didn't even do that (when there's the two of us to climb, people to make faces at, and a diaper bag to destroy who has time for a nap??). Of course the first thing she did when we sat down this morning was start up with a "Momma"! She didn't say it at all Friday or Saturday, so of course she was holding out for church! We HAD to go to Nashville West after church to pick up some prints of Lilli, so she got a nice half hour nap in the car, and woke up right after Brent came out of Costco with our pictures. (Hopefully I'll have some very exciting news about where (or should I say several million 'wheres') those pictures may be used!) Anytime we go to Nashville West we always eat at Blue Coast Burrito. Out of all the many restaurants Lilli has eaten at that's probably her most frequent haunt, she's had many a bottle on the patio there.

I think she's loving sitting in the actual high chair these days!
I'm pretty sure she's telling me she can't WAIT to order off the kids menu! If she doesn't like burritos I don't know what I will do! She's highly interested in our food now, and constantly grabs at our plates and glasses.
We got home and only had about 30 minutes before we had to leave for Infant CPR class at Lilli's school. Just long enough to get changed and climb around on Daddy for a few. She's pretty unstoppable these days and ALWAYS on the move! A total monkey.....She fell asleep in the car ride over to school (only about a 10 min ride) and slept in her car seat there for about another half hour before having some extra playtime with a few of her classmates and Miss Rachel while we learned about CPR and other kid first aid tips. The class was very informative, and I feel a lot more comfortable heading into the Cheerios and table food phase. From there we had to stop at the organic grocer for a few things, then visited with our next door neighbor who hadn't seen Lilli in a little while. They just love seeing her and couldn't believe how much she had grown. She was so tired when we got inside Brent rocked her about 20 minutes before we had to leave AGAIN! We were home just long enough for me to throw some cookies in the oven and change out the purse again for another bottle-on-the-go. Tonight was life group at our Sunday School teacher's house, so we headed up to Hendersonville and once again she napped along the way. She did really well tonight, esp considering how sleepy and on the go she'd been today (and really all weekend). She didn't get fussy until the end, which is pretty good considering how short her attention span is. Since she was at the extreme end of her tiredness I sat in the back with her on the way home - when she's extremely tired she SCREAMS in the car - which we got the "pleasure" of enduring the whole way to and back from Hohenwald last weekend. Tonight she wound up once or twice, but since I was in the back I could hold her hand and that always makes her happy. She was OUT when we got home - even when Brent took her out of her seat she didn't even wake up, and I don't think that's ever happened. She ate her bottle and quickly went to bed about a half hour later than usual.

So tomorrow starts another week and she'll have her first day in her new class tomorrow! Cleo's parents were in our class today and they were very excited to see Lilli's name moved up to her class. I'm sure Lilli will be very happy to see some of her old buddies tomorrow and have an entire new room of toys to break in!

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