Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the Winner Is.....


It's sort of come out of nowhere this week. Yesterday Miss Rachel mentioned Lilli had been saying ma ma ma ma that afternoon, and she also said it several times last night. When she & I went out for her walk she said Mama! really loudly once, and although it definitely "counted" I was the only person who heard it, and it just seemed sort of random. Today Miss Rachel said she said it a lot more, and then tonight - she just let 'em roll! I truly haven't been actively working with her on words, I don't even know when they're supposed to start talking because we've been so focused on crawling and standing lately. As we play I say colors and animals/shapes of whatever toy we're playing with, but I really don't try to prompt her with words. So I have to say this is VERY surprising!

REALLY, the true purpose of this post is pretty overshadowed by the new Momma revolution! On Sunday, Adam came up to us and told us to bring Lilli over Thursday night for a playdate with Rachel so we could have a hot date (our words, not his!) I mean, how often does someone just walk up to you and say "drop your fuss bucket off and go out and party like you're 20-something again!" I gotta say that's the first time it's EVER happened in the last (almost) 7 months and it was pretty surprising. And that's why everyone needs friends like Adam and Tonya!! We arranged all the details this week and we headed out to Hermitage after work to drop off Lilli. In all my random list of "Lilli details" (she must stand at all times, she eats like a horse, blankies are her Kryptonite, she wants to crawl but it makes her angry) I didn't even BEGIN to think to let them know she was starting to randomly spew forth Mommas! Imagine their surprise! Ha!!!

For our side of the story, Brent and I had a lovely dinner at Outback. I know, razzle dazzle, ha! But we don't have one too near us, so it's truly been 4+ yrs since we've eaten there and I just love their chicken (again, we are odd!) We split some cheese fries, I had some grilled chicken (smothered in bacon and cheese) and B had a chicken sandwich. It was nice to have a dinner where we knew no interruptions would come from OUR kid and that we could safely order a appetizer and not try to calc how much time we might have to eat our own dinners before hitting an impending bottle/bed/poop deadline from Lilli Bit. Afterwards we shopped around in a pet store for a new toy for Pippin (I still can't find the exact same toy some friends sent him once from Chicago and it's been 3 years of looking now!), and stopped into Kroger to take some dessert back to Adam and Tonya's.

From all reports Lilli and Rachel had a nice playdate, and hopefully Lilli didn't teach Rachel any bad tricks! I guess I'll hear in a few days if she picked up the Momma bug! (which would be much better than a stomach bug!)

I left my camera in case anything funny were to happen, since we pretty much document every moment of her life! Here's Adam with Rachel & Lilli. I'm pretty sure Rachel is thinking "You can play with all my toys now, but give me a few months and I'll be throwing them all at your head and saying "Mine!"
Here's Lilli hogging the toys again....She tried to sneak one or two of them out in her bag (shhhh!).....

So, it was a great and historic night! A)Mine and Brent's 2nd date since Lilli was born almost SEVEN months ago!! B)Another playdate with Rachel (And my how they have changed!!) and C)We're officially counting today as her first words - Momma!

Big, Big Thank you to Adam and Tonya (and Rachel) for watching Lilli and keeping her entertained tonight and for being witnesses on this historic occasion!!! So now we'll start working on Daddy! (and of course Pippin!)

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  1. How great! It won't be long before you can't get her to stop talking! They grow up too fast.