Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to Normal

Lilli's been totally back to normal today. She woke up around 7:15 and we've just had a "girls day" all day today. We played with toys all morning, she napped and I got several things done around the house (yay!!), we took a walk to the organic grocery store to get a few more fruits to make more baby foods (she is going through it all like crazy!), and her Grandma and Grandpa and cousins even stopped by!

I had no idea, but my parents were driving halfway to Cincinnati today to meet by SIL to pick up my niece and nephew, and then bring them back to spend the week with them before school starts back up for my nephew. My mom called on their way back to Jackson-ish to see if Lilli was ok and if I'd mind if they stopped in and used our house as a rest stop. It didn't bother us, so I threw some cookies in the oven and they pulled up right as the timer was dinging and Lilli was waking up from a nap! After my nephew ate about 10 cookies he entertained Lilli and I think I got some really cute pics of them to download later. He'll be 8 next month (insane!!) and he's really into babies and I think he really wanted to take Lilli with them. My niece (4.5) is always way more into playing with all of Lilli's stuff, which at this point is a little more interesting than the actual baby.

Some recent pics from the last week or so:

An unattended Boppy makes a loving nap partner:

Playing together peacefully, thanks to the barrier of the Boppy:

Still loving bathtime and very soon she won't fit in this tub anymore! I've got one of the inflatables for her next.

Hey Pippin! I'm trying to call you! I need to tell you how much stuff I can fit in my mouth now!So, tomorrow it's back to school and work and I hear tell there's a Gigi's cupcake (Cookies n Cream!) waiting for me (a gift from a vendor who was in town today!) If that's not motivation to get back to work I don't know what is!

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