Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So life is pretty funny, and not so much in that ha-ha way all the time!

Lilli's last temp was right before bed on Monday night, in the neighborhood of still being around 101.something. She woke us up several times that night, and at 3 am wanted a bottle. That was ok, since she really hadn't been eating much. She didn't have a fever then, so we were really happy! She woke up hungry again at 6:30, and still no temp! Of course in my mind I envisioned us sleeping in until 7:30ish, then going for a run. Ugh, yeah, not so much! The numerous times she's woken us up throughout the night + still getting up early for work has me WORN out. So there's been no running this week (although we have gone for several walks.)

Even though her fever was gone she was just still not Lilli. So short and fussy, and an absolute bear at times. She would still only take an ounce or two, and really the only difference in her behavior was that she wasn't burning up. She was still refusing all her solids except her oatmeal. Weird. Trying to get her to nap was just practically impossible, and every time she did fall asleep she'd wake up SCREAMING. Talk about a long day....
But we did have some fun times, she wasn't crying the whole day. Since it was so nice out I wanted to take advantage so we walked down to the Weenie Stand and had a little picnic. She squealed in delight at some dogs there with their owners, and had fun destroying napkins. Then we walked to the bakery and bought some goodies for us, and for Pippin. (He loves their peanut butter dog biscuits!)
But still, a long, long day. We decided she just probably wouldn't be able to handle school today, even though she could go back since her fever had been gone for 24 hours. The way she was eating such small portions sporadically, and just being very clingy wouldn't work well in the classroom setting. So Brent was back on tap to stay with her today.

Last night was terrible. She would wake up screaming, and instead of just wanting her paci she would have to be rocked. And often wake up screaming as soon as you put her down. And that is NOT something we do. We put her down wide awake, and really don't want to get into this rocking practice. It was a loooong night, and I was so beat at work today. I Googled anything I could think of to see what might be wrong with her still....her doc had mentioned a possible UTI and I tried all kinds of random searches. I also mentioned to Brent maybe he should feel around in her mouth for teeth, I had thought they looked extra inflamed on Tuesday.

Hmmmm......well....I think there's two new things sticking out!

He emailed me this at work at it made me tear up! Our little toothless wonder just a wonder! She's growing up! Of course the first thing I did was email it out to about 50 of my closest work friends. (I really had to refrain from sending it to Lifeway_All!) It's great to work with people you genuinely love, and are glad to call friends. They get so excited along with me at all of Lilli's milestones.
The teeth are just two visible reminders of all she can do now. SO close to crawling - and she can pretty easily push herself into a sitting position from her stomach now. She is one strong girl.

So, at least we have a little bit of an aaaah, nothing major is wrong and for that we're thankful. It doesn't make me look forward to all the rest of the teeth I know are on the way....I have no clue if she really did have the fever virus going around, but I sort of think she did along with teething. She did have the rash the doc told us to expect with the virus, and her temp was a little high for the normal teething related temp some babies have. But who knows, we make this up as we go along.

And tonight, in addition to however many times Lilli wakes up crying, we're trying to catch a mouse. Someone remind me, we do live IN the city, right? And we have a ferocious guard dog, right? Somehow Brent and I attract wildlife. Over our almost 11 years of marriage I've lost track of how many animals - from squirrels, to birds, skunks, pigeons, multiple possums, cats, ants, snakes and mice we've had to evict. And now we think we have another mouse (a first in this house). He's eating candy from my candy bowl every night and that's a HUGE no-no. A mouse with a sugar habit? Interesting. But the traps are set and if there's one thing I'm looking forward to it's one more living creature disturbing my sleep.

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