Friday, May 1, 2009


Lilli and I have had a great final week of "vacation", just hanging out and doing whatever we want (sort of like what we've been doing the last 14 weeks!)

It's amazing how much more alert she's become over just the last 1-2 weeks as she hits that great 3-month mark and is no longer in the "fourth trimester". Her daily fussy periods have decreased in length, but when she melts, the girl MELTS. She and I spent quite a while in Babyland Wednesday night working out a demon because she was tired! And pretty much the only time she fusses is when she is tired and hasn't gotten her naps in/fully out. She does great sleeping at night, and about 95% of the time she puts herself to sleep without us ever having to go back in there. She's been sleeping until about 7:30 in the morning this week, which I love! It would be great if she could teach big bro Pippin to do the same. She even slept through some pretty strong thunder/lightning last night which is insane since it was REALLY loud and she has skylights right over her bed - I could hear the storm in big time stereo surround through the baby monitor last night. (Of course Pippin got scared and after the third time he came in our room to get in bed with us I just grabbed one of his beds and put it next to our bed. Little scaredy cat!)

Here's some pics from this week:

Working on that head control (and hopefully working on growing some hair back on the back of her little head!)!
Worn Out! We had been playing and I left the room to finish up my hair/makeup before heading out for our weekly Bible study @ Lifeway, I came back to find one sleepy girl!
Big Bro still enjoys being a part of playtime, and provides something else for her to look at!
They coexist very peacefully......
Lilli and Rachel, after an afternoon playdate (and yes my child only has one sock on!!!). Rachel is two months younger than Lilli, it's amazing to think about how much Lilli has grown in 2 months, and that she used to be that size!
After one of our morning runs this week. We got to run outside 3 times, Mon-Wed, 4 miles each time. Yesterday and today were too rainy, which stinks! I was really hoping we could have one final weekday run together, but oh well! The lake is so calm at Shelby on weekday mornings , it's been so nice getting out there with her. It's probably fitting I had to run on the treadmill this morning since that's where I've spent most of my runs the last 14 cold & rainy weeks, and the hum of the treadmill motor puts her right to sleep anyway. Hanging in the front carrier with Dad. He loves the manly purple I bought, but it was from Babysteals and all the more neutral colors had already been bought up!Have a great weekend! Hopefully the rains tomorrow won't be too bad, we're supposed to go to a picnic. I also need to probably pick up a few things to wear to work. I've lost 34 pounds in the last 14 weeks and have 3 more to go, but those 3 really make it hard to wear a lot of my work slacks since they're all concentrated in my belly. And I think after all these months of boring old maternity fashion I need a few new things anyway!

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