Friday, February 18, 2011

Mostly Pippin

This winter Pippin has made himself quite cozy. He can sniff out a warm blanket left unattended from a mile away. It always gets Brent when we find him curled up blankets we left out the night before. However, we've finally worked back up to leaving Pippin out during the day when we're at work. After this mega mess, and a few smaller incidents, he had gotten so out of control we had to start crating him again when we left. We eventually let him start staying out when we went places for shorter periods of time (out to dinner, shopping, etc.). A couple of weeks ago we decided we'd been doing that for such a long time (at least a year) that we'd try him out all day, but he's been wanting to stay in his crate when Brent leaves for the day and we've actually had to FORCE him not to go in his crate! He's been out all week and done fine. I can tell from the spit-marks and indentions on top of the furniture that he's been happily snoozing on top of the furniture all week.
It's warmed up nicely but the shadier parts of the deck took a few extra days to melt. That made someone pretty happy and she consistently took the long way to the back door.
I had Lilli help me give Pippin a bath for the first time last Friday night. Normally he gets his baths after she's already in bed but I thought she'd love getting to watch. As always Pippin was most certainly not happy about bath night.
On the other hand Lilli had the time of her life!
She's still too short for our deep tub, so her little jegging clad legs had to hang over the side. So cute.

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