Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Party-ing

Last Saturday night we decided to have a few other people over and have a little Valentines party. I had thought Sandra Lee's Valentines dinner looked so good and easy that we should test it out on some other people. And then I just got carried away that I ended up doing a little Valentines decorating to go along with it.

We really got everything ready while Lilli took her nap. I set up a cute little kids table for Rachel and Lilli, and once a certain someone noticed it she dumped her snack right on her plate and pretty much got into everything I had set out! She was anxiously awaiting her playmate for the evening. (That's a little flameless candle I borrowed from work for their table. Got to love all the work samples around!!)The adults table. A $1 bag of Conversation Heart and a $1.29 bag of Twizzlers go a very long way in decorating for Valentines! I already had all the other tableware. I like to buy lots of things in 2-4's so it never really all matches. Love the remote left on the table, that's the "keeping it real" look.
I can't believe Brent didn't get a better picture of the island and decor!!! The breadsticks were in the shapes of hearts and my glasses were so pretty filled with candy.
And then the only food pics he got were empty bowls, ha! I loved the green beans but Brent didn't care for them. They're oven roasted with lemon slices, shallots and garlic. Super easy, but they do have a strong lemon flavor (which Brent doesn't like). And the mashed potatoes were a hit - insanely easy - use store bought mashed potatoes (in the tub) and then add sour cream, cream cheese and butter. Done!
And we had stuffed pork tenderloins - stuffed with mozz cheese, spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Very good!!! We also had a super easy and delicious cheese fondue for appetizer and choc fondue for dessert. Valentines is the perfect time to break out the fondue pot!
The kids table - Rachel and Lilli enjoying some chicken nuggies. One day they will appreciate the other white meat.
The adult table - two Adams + Tonya and Julia. We told Lilli if she wasn't sure what someone's name was she should guess Adam.
A jumpy playmate.
We had a great night with yum food and good company. And a certain someone(s) all slept really well that night.

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