Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jumping and Two Year Well Baby!

Last Tuesday we took Lilli for her two year well-baby visit. No shots at this one, just a weigh in and schooling Dr R on all her mad skillz.

I think now that we have to go very infrequently (her last visit was 18 mo and she won't have to go again until 3) they give you the Sucky McSuck appointment times. The nurse assured me that 2:30 was the latest well baby appt Dr R had ever had (um, no, I used to take her at 3:30), but there's not a lot I can do about it since we love our Doc and it's not like we have to go very often. So, afternoon nap was disrupted and Brent and I had to leave work ridiculously early to go.

I told her we were going to see the fish. I guess I forgot to mention the doctor part.
She was super happy playing until it was time to go back to the room, and then the 'Nam flashbacks started and she wanted no part of it. We did get her stripped down to be weighed in, but after that she wanted her shirt back on, so we let her have that back. She weighed 23 lbs 12 ounces, 15th percentile, and was 34 1/4 tall, 60th percentile. At her one year visit she weighed 18 lbs 4 ounces (10th percentile). She really hasn't gained that much in a year, but Dr R was happy with it since she is steadily growing.The nurse gave her some crayons and after that she was happy as could be and drew away on the paper during her exam. Dr R asked her lots of questions and she easily answered them and carried on a conversation with her. She impressed her with all the colors she knows and Dr R said that most of her skills were more like a 3 yr old than a 2 yr old. That's my girl! She got a perfect bill of health and if all goes well we won't see Dr R until her 3 yr visit!
Even though it was pouring rain her appointment didn't take long and we got home really early that night. And since it was just a nasty evening we let her open her final present. It's so nice to be able to drag it all out since she doesn't have a clue what a birthday is.
Since the child loves to jump ALLTHETIME I saw this jumpolene on Amazon and knew she'd love it. I thought it would be nice and small since it said only 2 kids could jump at a time, but it has pretty much become our living room and our whole house smells like cheap Chinese plastic. But can you deny a sweet face of this joy???
She loves to jump jump jump!! Who needs an adult space???
Jumpy toes!
Total happiness! I just wish we could jump in there! She does want us in there with her, so a lot of times one of us will just curl up in the back and hang out with her. It's pretty comfy!
We are pretty worried about the intense amount of static this thing generates. I mean, that can't be good, right??? I'm sure it's full of lots of great Chinese chemicals. I really do know too much about how things are made, thanks to working in the behind-the-scenes aspect of Retail/Product Development!
But thank heavens for that thing because it has been a LONG winter!

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