Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The After Party

Just a few last pictures from the day of Lilli's birthday party (almost two weeks ago!!!)

I just loved her dress I had made for the party. I used the same lady in New York from Etsy that I've used on several things. I sent her links to the party decorations and she found perfect fabric to match and it came out so adorable!! It's a reverse knot dress, so she'll be able to wear it this winter with stuff underneath and in warmer weather with either T shirts or nothing underneath. And then it can grow into a top, so it should have a long life!After the party she just wanted to run and do laps in the front yard. I think she needed some fresh air!
The back of the dress was so pretty with the big bow!
We picked up Pippin from Camp Bow Wow while Lilli was taking her nap. I think he was worn out from playing and he was really glad to have Grandma's lap to nap on.
Later that afternoon Brent's parents stopped by with his Granny. Lilli found a friend to feed chips to Pippin with.

That game came to an end when Lilli nearly tossed him a bowl of salsa to go with all those chips....
Lilli had fun playing with Madison, too. Somehow she got out her bag of feathers we use for art projects and they had fun tossing them in the air and watching them land on their faces.

Oh feathers, they are hilarious!
So that's the end of Lilli's big birthday party day!!! She had quite the time and certainly slept well that night.

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