Thursday, February 3, 2011

All the two year olds are doing it

We really haven't been up to a ton of stuff since Lilli's birthday. It's been cold (mostly) and then a few days after her party she came down with a fairly bad cough/cold that Brent is now getting over as well.

She still uses the potty, when it suits her. She could totally use it all the time but often can't seem to be bothered and would rather just tell us about it about 15 seconds after she's gone in her diaper/pull-up. Some friendly competition at daycare does help her on some days to be better about it. She's just always SO happy when she does go, but I think in another month or two she may be ready to really commit to it.We had another snowy day last week (I think it was Wednesday) so I had a helper with me at work (again) for a few hours until daycare opened at 9. This time I came armed with Brent's Ipod and she stayed pretty occupied for a while and didn't start climbing on top of my desk (literally) until it was nearly time to leave. I am so over all this snow.
I'm always getting all kinds of free books and product samples from work, and the other day I brought home a Noah booked called "Noah Didn't it Rain". It's by some country singer (maybe someone from Alabama? The Gatlin brother? I really don't remember.) and it comes with a CD of the guy singing a song along with it. It's pretty bad but she loves it and it makes her want to run around with her Dora umbrella and sing along.
When she came home from daycare that night, while we were eating dinner, she pulled her dress completely apart and took it off - it's just snaps all the way down the front. She did that numerous times that night. I'm thinking it was probably a pretty interesting and X rated day at school and I probably won't send her in this outfit again.
On these boring, cold winter nights we're spending more time with gadgets. She just loves Brent's Ipod. She has her own spelling game App that she can load up and play. It's great - it's sort of like Scrabble and helps her learn to spell words and identify all sorts of things, and she is REALLY good at it. She's been getting great marks on all her work at school - matching similar size things, all kinds of pretty advanced stuff for her age. And she knows all her colors now and likes to talk about the colors of everything!!
She makes herself VERY comfortable on me when doing pretty much anything.
No really, VERY comfortable!

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