Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jumping and Football

Most of our evenings and weekends are spent in one place: The Jumpy. It's for sure the best $50 I have ever spent! Pippin is interested, although probably not very amused. I've only seen him try to get in once. One of Lilli's favorite things to do is hang over the top and yell at him.This thing just cracks her up. She colors in it, reads books in it, has snacks, plays with all kinds of toys in there and of course jumps and tumbles in it. We can also play some good games of horsey in here. AND you can flip it over and it's a fun little tent.
However, the static electricity in this thing is still nuts!
Our other cold weather activity has been coloring on the new vacuum box. My vacuum died a couple of days before her birthday (pretty inconvenient for party prep!) so we needed a new one and the box has been an endless art project. And the new vacuum is also pretty great! Ours had had hardly any suction for a very long time so having one that works well is SO nice!!!
That last weekend (the 6th) we also went to our Sunday School class's Super Bowl party. We could care less about the game and go more for the socializing and food! I did some little pigs in a blanket, cookies, took some of our leftover chips and salsa from Lilli's party and also made this Mexican Cornbread Dip (for chips). A lady I work with makes this for all our office potlucks and it is SO good and so easy!
Lilli was all over the boys that night. She held Owen's hand and had him "dancing" with her to some of the music playing during the game. She just loves the little babies and planted a big fat kiss on him before we left.
And of course her other boyfriend has always been Taylor. They're big buds.
And anytime a bowl of snacks is brought out all the little ants gather - Rachel, Haven, Taylor and Lilli.
We had a great time but I couldn't tell you a single play or commercial from the whole Super Bowl!

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