Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's pretty crazy to write about a snow day when it's been a perfect day outside. It's really hard to believe that this was one week ago and today we aren't even wearing coats and are playing outside every chance we get.

Lilli's daycare was closed for the entire day, and the roads in Nashville were terrible so we both of us ended up staying home from work. The hill by our house was just ice.After breakfast we walked down to the post office. We had gotten a notice we had a package to pick up and neither one of us had a clue what it might be.
We had the wagon with us but little miss wanted to walk. The postman was always just a little ways ahead of us and Lilli LOVES him so she was pretty motivated to keep walking.
We walked all that way for a free business card holder Brent had ordered off the internet. How odd that it needed a signature??? A few blocks from our house the roads were clear. We're really close to the bus routes and they keep them salted and clear.
She did get bored of walking so on the way back she finally did ride in the wagon. Since I didn't get to go the gym that day it was a great workout for me pulling her all the way back in the snow!
Of course we had to play and throw some snowballs!

After nap we went ahead and made some Valentines cookies. I had meant to do it over the weekend, but we had some extra time thanks to the snow and ice. Lilli loves to help bake and I helped her do all the measurements and put them in the mixer.
Of course Pippin was way up in the action!
He loves it when Lilli gets to measure the flour.
After dinner we were ready to roll out the cookies. Lilli really doesn't need any help - she was able to help roll, cut them, and try to pry them up herself.
HOWEVER, she has an affinity towards eating dough, by the handful. So she got sent to time out for 5 minutes, which about ended her world, but came back and most certainly did not eat any more dough and was a much better listener!

She also didn't go overboard with the sprinkles this time! A lot more control and they really didn't look as "extreme" as they normally do.
Somehow I forgot to take a picture of her finished product but I think this cute one of Brent and Lilli will work for a final snow day picture!!!
I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! We've got a fun weekend ahead including a birthday party tomorrow morning for one of Lilli's little friends. We are really on the birthday party circuit already, Lilli is quite the popular little gal!

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