Friday, February 4, 2011

Terribly Terrific Twos

Here's a few more pictures from last week into the weekend.

Last Thursday night we went to the monthly story-time at our local library. Since it falls on the 4th Thursday they didn't have one in November or December, so it's been a while but Lilli quickly remembered Mr Andrew and made herself right at home.Turnout was pretty much non-existent! It was just us and one other little boy, and that was his first time there. They're starting some weekend ones, but Mr Andrew looked right at us and said "it's for kids older than her.". Huh??? She's really not that bad and if there had been more kids there we wouldn't have let her stand so close. And the other boy was literally reading the book out loud with Mr Andrew, so it's not like it was a formal gathering. We may check it out sometimes, my tax dollars pay for these story-times after all!
Afterwards we always let her pick out some fresh books, this one she wanted to read while we were there. She mentions something about Cheetahs (aka Cats) and then around 21 seconds there must be something about a "Daddy" in that book because she starts saying No No No. Otherwise she's just making stuff up!

Last weekend Brent borrowed a wide angle lens from a friend of his. It was a lot of fun to play with and I just love how it could capture a room. Most of our foyer pictures are in pieces and you couldn't really tell how the new staircase looked. This made it pretty easy to see! It would have been a lot of fun to have during the heavier stages of renovating this house.
The outside of the house:
Lilli felt awful last Friday night. Her nose was SO runny, she was coughing and even had a little fever, so we didn't go out. When we put her down for bed she got sick a few minutes later and threw up, but thankfully got a lot of the gunk in her chest up. We kept her in most of the weekend except a trip to Target and dinner on Saturday night. We really don't like to expose people when she's coughing and all snotty, there's really nothing we have going on that's worth getting other people sick.
It was a gorgeous weekend and we just had fun playing in the yard and watching the estate sale going on next door. People literally streamed in and out all week last week. On Monday morning they were already forming a line down the sidewalk when I left for work at 6:15 (the sale didn't start until 8) and on Saturday and Sunday there was a constant stream all day long. Mark said he thought about 5,000 people had been in and out. Brent went over on Saturday and Mark sent a babydoll he had found over to Lilli, so Sunday we took her over to say thanks and his house just looked so bare!
She was feeling a lot better on Sunday so we went across the street to the playground. She can now do all the stairs and everything (up and down) totally on her own, but of course she still wants us to go with her!!
And pudding for snack? That ALWAYS makes us feel better!

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