Monday, February 7, 2011

Photography by Lilli

Lilli sees the camera SO often that she used to play with my camera all the time. So, for Christmas Brent got her a cheap little real camera - it's some kind of Kodak that doesn't have a zoom that goes in/out so she can't mess it up.

A lot of times if we've got a camera out then she wants her camera to document everything, too.The main problem is that since there isn't a zoom lens on it she keeps her fingers half in front of the picture so you get a few fingers and just a snippet of whatever she's photography. But it doesn't matter, because she is always super proud of herself.
A close-up of Pippin. She takes a lot of close-ups and pictures of her toys.
More Pippin. Good thing he has lots of practice in being captured on "film".
And a close-up of his face.
Maybe one day she and Brent will have some great collaborations in the studio!

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