Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baking with Lilli

We had a great Saturday today. On the news this morning we saw it was free day at the Country Music Hall of Fame so we had a fun morning downtown. I'll post those pictures later because I really want to keep everything chronological on here.

This one of Pippin just cracks me up. It's with the wide angle lens Brent had borrowed.Last Sunday I had Lilli help me bake some cupcakes for work. A coworkers had bought a few of those gift-able sets for holiday cupcakes that have all the stuff you need in them, and she ended up having one leftover after the holidays so she sent it home for Lilli and I to make together.

This kid knows how to make cupcakes. I got the tins out and she started putting the papers in each one without even being told what to do.
She loves to watch the KitchenAid at work.
She really does know exactly what to do. She loves scooping the batter into the papers but WOW does it end up getting messy.
Batter everywhere!! There's not enough hands to help, or maybe too many hands helping!
And then the sampling starts.....
Thanks goodness I think germs bake out!
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the finished product. They turned out so cute - probably in large part because I did the icing and decorating after she went to bed. And the poor thing didn't even get to try one since they were all snapped up pretty quickly at work!

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