Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Big 2: Parting Poses

Another two posts in one day, yay!!!

Before people leave I always like to get a parting shot, then you can see how much the kiddos change from year to year. This would really be better in theory as everyone arrives since they were all so tired for naps at the end of the party and just general cranks, but that makes for much more interesting pictures anyway!

Lindsay and I with Evelyn and Emeline (I guess Tristan was still having a good time playing on the slide, HA!) Clearly all three girls have had a great time.Lilli patting Evelyn on the back. Lilli is such a "nurturer". They told us two weeks ago in Sunday school that a new little boy had cried the whole time and she kept patting him on the back and telling him they got Goldfish, ha! Apparently she gets rather excited about the snacks they have.
Tonya and I with Rachel and Lilli. Apparently something very exciting was going on below us!
Hugs for Rachel!
Lilli with Taylor. She just LOVES him and squeals when he comes in our class after Sunday School.
Brent, Lynda, Levi and Micah with Lilli and I. We are always glad when Brent can make a party so he can start the Birthday Song!! (He's our worship leader.)
Jana and I with Haven and Lilli. Hopefully at her third birthday the kids will be better at posing for pictures!!!!
Wesley and I with Kairo and Lilli, who is totally checking him out.
Hugs for Kairo! She also gave him a very serious face and I think she was going to kiss him right after this!
Outside with Adam and Julia. Apparently all the sun was in Adam's eye, otherwise this is such a cute picture! I still expect to see this framed in their nursery next time we go over.
And that's all from Lilli's 2nd birthday party! We've actually eaten most of the leftovers (including a REALLY good black bean soup tonight that all of us enjoyed!) and Brent even said he could eat at Blue Coast again and I totally agree - we can't get enough burritos in this house!!

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