Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twice Baked Diapers & Formula

You know how you just wait for something and know it's going to happen, but just don't quite know when???? That sort of describes last night.

I don't know why dogs love all things gross, but they do. So when we got home from church last night and Brent took the stroller back to the nursery and yelled for me "telling me it was bad, really bad" I didn't quite know what to expect.

This is what 6 days worth of dirty diapers looks like, shredded by a 5-yr old Boston Terrier.

Yeah, absolutely gross.

He actually didn't get all of them out of the trash can, about half. For reference, we weighed the bag of dirty diapers last week and it weighed 18 pounds (just diapers, not the trash can). I guess after we left he knocked the can (like a 13 gallon kitchen trash can) over and had a bit of fun. And of course he knew what he had done, he didn't come back inside after we had figured it out, and he didn't even whine or cry during the hour of time out he had afterwards. Considering the vast quantity of things he's consumed over time it doesn't seem to have made him sick.

Someone asked me if this was him acting jealous. I sort of think it's him being a dog and just generally liking gross things. Ugh. It took a broom, mop, and vacuum to clean it all up. And just to make life even better, Lilli had one massive spit up right after. All over me, her fresh pair of PJs and our antique living room chair. After all that we pretty much wanted to go to sleep - all of us except for Miss Lilli. So let's just say she slept in her bouncy seat all night in our room, Pippin was left in solitary in the living room and Brent and I got a semi-decent nights sleep.



    You're stronger than I am. I would have lost it. I would have walked out the door and sold the house.

  2. Our otherwise lovable dog did the same thing when our girls were newborns. I think you're right: it's just one of those gross things, like sniffing each other's butts, that dogs instinctively do. I can still recall the gag reflex when we saw a similar scene...stay strong!