Monday, February 21, 2011

Fancy Eating

Since we had already done a few things to celebrate Valentines we really didn't do much on the actual day. We bought some nice steaks at the grocery store that were absolutely delicious and grilled perfectly by Brent! And I bought a couple of cheap-o plastic plates at Target to serve our nice meal on. I'm not even sure why the TiVo remote is in the picture since we canceled it at least 7 or 8 months ago. A lot of the old cable box/TiVo remotes end up being played with by Lilli and I guess occasionally still end up on the table.
Lilli isn't much on steak (it's still a little tough to chew for her) so she had some leftover chicken along with the corn and mac and cheese we had. And a side of applesauce.And of course we used our fancy Valentines straws. Lilli usually drinks out of a regular cup at meals now. And tonight she had FOUR cups - milk, water, apple juice and orange juice. I'm not kidding and she's obviously spoiled.
She enjoyed putting the money her grandparents stuck in her Valentines card in her little piggy bank. She's really collecting some cash in there!! I figure we should save all the money she gets now so that when she's older and wants something (and can understand money) she at least has a little saved up already!
And we spent most of the rest of the night doing the usual - playing and pottying.
We also went out to enjoy "Kids Eat Free" night at Chili's one night last week. I get various email specials from them and I got a coupon for a free Kids meal on a day that had been nothing but crazy so it was the perfect excuse not to cook dinner that night. They've been running it on a few specific days this month and it was the first time we'd been able to take advantage of it.
I think she was just excited to go there because our downtown location has parking underneath the restaurant. After coming to work with me a few times this winter she's a big fan of parking garages!

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