Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We've absolutely been eating up every little bit of spring and sunshine we can this week!As soon as we get home and get all her leftovers back in the fridge and I change clothes we hit the yard and drag as many toys as we can out into the front yard. We play bubbles, Easter eggs and drag out all her little riding toys and lawnmower. And of course Pippin loves it too since our front yard is "the place to see and be seen!" Every afternoon I chat with neighbors as they're out walking and they're always jealous of our great corner spot.
This week Lilli's wardrobe has been all about Easter! These pics were from yesterday and she wore one of her bunny shirts and she just loved it. She kept pointing to her bunny and wanting to know what it is. Today her shirt was a cute appliqued chic with her name monogrammed on it, and she could actually say Chic! when we pointed to it."That?" (A lot of times I think she's saying that? when she points at something and wants to know the word for it.)
Running laps in the yard...Pippin is still her favorite lawn toy (and indoor toy as well).
One more work day and then Lilli and I have a long weekend since I'm off for Good Friday! Her class is having a small little Easter party tomorrow, so I've been making cookies and little goody bags for her classmates and teachers. They're going to have a little Easter egg hunt and make a special craft, and since I'm good buddies with her teacher they're doing it tomorrow instead of Friday so Lilli won't miss out. It pays to butter up the teachers with cookies and brownies all the time!

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