Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Today was Lilli's friend Aaron's birthday! He had his party this afternoon at one of the local Y's. It was great with LOTS of space! They had the gym partitioned off with one side for people to shoot hoops and the other had bouncies and riding toys for the kids.

When we showed up the people at the desk thought Lilli was the birthday girl. I guess I may have gone overboard with her party girl outfit.
But, it was a fun spring day so I went with a fun retro-80's Cyndi Lauper-ish look with her new necklaces and a bow. (which stayed in maybe 30 minutes.) I think the outfit eventually grew on Brent. And it was a big hit with the other party go-ers.

Aaron's party theme was Sesame Street / Elmo's World.
The birthday boy himself was a little sleepy.....your party can be a little overwhelming with all that attention!
Here's the little daycare group. Several came from school - this is Lilli and Liam having a chat. He's gotten his helmet off since Lilli's b-day and is just as cute as ever! He'll be one in a week!
Lilli and Jada. These two crack me UP. They are seriously best friends. Even looking at pictures tonight on the computer Lilli would laugh and point when she saw her. And they bring each other's traits home - today her mom was asking me about the "pointing" thing. Well, that's totally Jada bringing home something Lilli does ALL the time!
Liam playing on one of the riding toys.
Jada riding and giving Brent a look.
They had pizza for the adults....and Aaron. He only has two teeth but he eats EVERYTHING! He was WAY more interested in his pizza than his smash cake!
He REALLY didn't want to have anything to do with his cake!
Lilli on the other hand....loves some cake. I had set my fork down and was talking to Liam's mom and before I knew what happened she had the fork and a big piece of cake. She knows EXACTLY how to use a fork if cake is involved!!!
They opened presents at the party and Aaron really wasn't interested. They passed him off to a grandparent and the little guy fell sound asleep in the middle of his party!!!! That was one tired, partied out little guy!
After presents were finished they kicked us out for another party starting at 4, which was fine because we had a baby shower to get to. But Lilli and Jada just had to chase each other around a few more minutes!
Jada started dancing and putting on a show with her balloon. Apparently she and Lilli dance together all the time during music time at school, and (so I've heard) REALLY put on a show together.
Lilli LOVED it and started clapping for her friend like crazy. This is "Miss Violet" (one of her afternoon teachers) holding her with "Miss Sammi" in the background (she was Lilli's teacher in the baby room).
On our way out I decided to take her down one of the big slides. She didn't like it and I didn't much care for it either!
Happy Birthday Aaron! Thanks for inviting us to your party and welcome to the 1's!

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