Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Out: Gabby's Burgers

Tonight for our dinner out we went to Gabby's Burgers. I had bought a Groupon to the little burger joint a couple of weeks ago - for $9 we got $20 worth of food, so it was a great deal (and they sold nearly 1,300 of those deals that day so a lot of Nashvillians agreed!) Since it was a beautiful night to be outside we headed over to use our certificate.

It's more than a little hard to get to right now with some roadwork going on at the baseball stadium (which it overlooks). Practically every street around it is blocked off, but it doesn't seem to be hurting their business because they were packed!The front view:

We ordered our food and our total came to $21 for the three of us: a cheeseburger, sweet potato fries and soda for me, a huge cheeseburger, reg fries an soda for Brent, and a grilled cheese with applesauce and a juice box for Lilli. So we did really well with our $20 and had very little out of pocket tonight!

The owner and his wife were so friendly and really kept the line moving. We really try to eat local as much as possible and support the actual people and neighborhoods of Davidson county, so it was nice to see a family owned business and even their little boy (maybe 4 or 5 years old?) was running around with a pen behind his ear and a little waitress belt on. He was so cute!

Lilli wasn't too amused by her peas and oranges appetizer. She was wondering where her cheese was!?!?
Aaaaah, grilled cheese! She loved it and ended up eating over half the sandwich along with her oranges, grapes and peas.
Brent's gigantic burger. Their burgers are really good and you can taste how fresh they were. My sweet potato fries were amazing.
"Hey mom - did you see how big Daddy's sandwich is??? That's crazy!"
She was on a roll tonight, flirting with all the kids and getting the attention of pretty much anyone sitting around. She spends all of dinner staring at people, and she's such a slow eater from people watching that we always have plenty of time to eat which is so nice! Several people commented on what a good kiddo she was - especially as there were a couple of other fussy little boys there!

Afterwards we made it to the park with just enough time to get a couple of minutes of swinging in before the sun set, but if the rain is slow to move in we may try to make it back in the morning and enjoy this weather while we have it!

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