Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scene Stealer

I had ordered Lilli another skirt (this time with a matching shirt) from the same Etsy vendor I bought her little St Patty's day skirt from and once again I wanted to get a picture of her in the outfit this morning BEFORE school and their little Easter party. Pippin and Lilli had other plans...

Pippin loves the nice, cool spring weather. And sometimes when he comes in from a perfect temp morning he gets that feisty little Boston Terrier energy boost. And such was the case this morning....he comes running in just as she's running in to find me. Then Pippin sees the camera and just starts barking and wanting to play!Lilli finds his barking to be HIL-ARIOUS!So of course he barks more and rushes the camera.Starts "chasing" Brent....And his game is over...And now Lilli must suddenly have her milk or she might implode....And we end up with a total FAIL on getting really cute pics of her outfit, especially because she apparently decided to roll in the cookies I sent.She was completely plastered in cookie - I picked cookie out of her in several places and this picture really just doesn't do justice to how she looked in real life! But that just means she had a lot of fun partying today. Her teacher told me that in her class she was the only one who knew what to do during their Easter Egg Hunt - that she would pick them up and put them right in her basket. That's my girl! Of course we have practiced all week long.

Needless to say we had to change her before meeting her grandparents at Rainforest Cafe tonight for dinner while they're in town. Pics to come from that adventure tomorrow!


  1. That is such a cute outfit. I just love stuff on Etsy!

  2. You both look great ... and so does Pippin.