Saturday, March 13, 2010

Visit with the Grandparents

It's been a busy, busy Saturday around here (as usual). We woke up around our usual 8 am Saturday time, but there was no dilly-dallying over breakfast this Saturday! Brent did an "early" morning 1 yr photoshoot for one of Lilli's friends, Evelyn (seen here at Lilli's b-day party). They turned out so cute and these aren't even my top 2 favorite ones!
I love how classy and "Restoration Hardware" this one looks:She was a great, very cooperative subject (always a MAJOR plus in portrait shoots - he has had some kids who just won't cooperate AT ALL!) and Brent had a lot of fun. While he was gone, Grandma and Grandpa drove up to visit for the day. We played for a little while, and then during Lilli's morning nap we got my garden cleaned out and ready to go for this Spring. And when Brent got back he jumped right in and was able to clean the gutters on the garage - a project we'd been wanting to do for a LONG time and just hadn't gotten around to. So it was very nice to get those things crossed off and I was also happy to see my thyme, oregano, onions, parsley and sage coming back to life!

After naptime, Lilli enjoyed some milk and watching a little basketball with Grandpa, who brought her a brand new tractor. They even color coordinated their outfits!
Then we all went out to eat at the local neighborhood Mexican restaurant where Lilli and Grandma did some people watching.
Then it was back to our house for more projects - Brent put my dad to work on helping to install the handrail for the new staircase, otherwise known as their attempt to burn the house down just as we're nearing "completion" on it. And Grandma read more stories to Lilli.
It was a fun and fast day! We were still so full from our late lunch today that Lilli was the only one who ate dinner and then we just stayed in tonight since the weather is so dreary. Brent and Lilli played while I worked more on our taxes. I'm down to just the business portion of our taxes (from Brent's photography business) but unfortunately when our laptop died last fall it took about 18 months worth of data with it that I've had to recreate completely. I finished up 2008 now, and it matches our tax returns, so I just have to enter 2009 numbers. It shouldn't take long because he didn't do much photography last year as we were so busy figuring out this Lilli-thing. He's actually already made a good bit more this year already than he did in all of 2009! Hopefully I can get it all finished up tomorrow as we already have a nice refund coming without the business expenses.

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